Patriarhi visiidist veel…inglise keeles

Patriarch Visits Estonia

Archbishop Bates, Dcn. Janek Tamme, Fr. Thomas Eriste

Estonia is part of the Baltic States (Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania). For many decades the people of Estonia have suffered decades of oppression. During World War II Estonia was first annexed to the Soviet Union, and then later was occupied by the Nazis. In 1944 Estonia was liberated from the Nazis and became part of the Soviet Union. For forty years the people of Estonia lived under Communism. They gained independence in 1991. Since their independence, the people of Estonia have made great advances socially and economically; at one point Estonia was recognized as the fastest growing economy. Like many countries Estonia has been hit by the global recession, however they not recovering yet.

Estonia was recently declared by the United Nations as the most secular nation in the world, with only 15% of the people believing in God (by any definition of god). Estonia also has more abortions performed annual than any other European nation.

Our presence in Estonia is made up of two small congregations: the Church of St. Stephen the Martyr, located in Tallinn and is pastured by the Rev. Dr. Heigo Ritsbek. They have a beautiful facility and the congregation is filled with a joy of the Lord. Our other congregation is St. Barnabas the Apostle – located in Parnumaa and is under the Pastorate of Fr. Thomas Eriste.

On Sunday, November 8, 2009, the Most Rev. Craig Bates, Patriarch, presided at a Celebration of the Holy Eucharist at St. Stephen the Martyr. Prior to being elected Patriarch, Abp Craig served as the supervising Bishop for Europe. At present no Bishop has been assigned, and the Patriarch continues to supervise our churches.

During the Celebration the Patriarch confirmed seven adults, from both Tallinn and Parnumaa. He also ordained the Rev. Janek Tamme as a Deacon. Deacon Janek will serve alongside of Fr. Thomas Eriste.

The liturgy for the morning was celebrated in both English and Estonian. An Ecumenical Choir was present, and made several musical offerings. Following the Eucharist the parish hall was filled with parishioners who joyfully celebrated the visit of the Patriarch and his wife Cathy, and the new life evidenced in the confirmands and the new Deacon.

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    We were not liberated from Nazis. We were occupied by new oppressors.

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