Isa Thomas Eriste külastas Pariisi kogudust

7.-10. maini viibis isa Thomas Eriste koos abikaasaga piiskop Elmer Belmonte kutsel Pariisis. Pühapäeval osalesid nad missal Karismaatilise Episkopaalkiriku Pariisi Püha Apostel Pauluse koguduses. Missal tselebreeris patriarh Craig Bates.

Pariisi koguduses

Pariisi koguduses

Pariisi koguduses

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  1. Archbishop Leonardo ütleb:

    Dear brothers and friends:

    I send you our web site to put into your Web Site. Please add this: I want your religious organisation promotion our business page to help our missions around Latin American countries and USA and Canada. Our company that sells Organics Products and Nutrients into USA in order to live and to continue our missions: Now I start new missions in many places into America.

    Greetings to all member of your Church and your family and brothers family. I moved to Toronto city the last 2 month. My new phone home: + 1 (647) 887-6497. You can call me after 7.00 P. M. To 10.00 P. M. (New York Time) and also all People.

    Have a great day and God bless you.

    + Leonardo Marin-Saavedra
    Primate Archbishop
    The Latin American Anglican Church.
    President of The
    Global Education Connection of Canada.

    I am in Facebook: Arzobispo Leonardo

    I am in Twitter: @BishopLeonardo

    “Sean pues prudentes como serpientes [astutos como culebras], y sencillos como palomas”.