Roman Catholic Bishop preached at Harkujärve

Monday January 2, 2006 went into the annals of the CEC of Estonia, because at a Mass at the St Stephen the Martyr Charismatic Episcopal Church in Tallinn, Estonia. The Roman Catholic Bishop for Estonia, The Most Rev Philippe Jourdan, the last bishop appointed by the late Pope John Paul II, preached at the Alliance Mass in the presence of hundreds of people and many standing in the church building. It was the first year that the Roman Catholic Church of Estonia began to participate in the Annual Alliance week services in Tallinn.

Bishop Jourdan preached a very good sermon about being a Christian, blessed the Gospel reading, gave the blessing after the confession of sin, and prounounced the blessing after the Eucharist. The bishop said regretfully that we are not yet able to celebrate the Eucharist together, but his presence at the service was a wonderful experience.

At the service many leaders of the Christian denominations of Estonia participated, and senior pastors from the largest Protestant churches in Tallinn. All Protestant leaders and pastors received the Body and Blood of Christ, who attended the Mass.

After the liturgy, the priests of The CEC of Estonia and the Vicar General, the Very Rev Dr Heigo Ritsbek, spent two wonderful hours with the Roman Catholic bishop at the rectory living room.

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  1. Ulvi Renser ütleb:

    The message was good and simple, yet encouraging and uplifting.

  2. vaike madisson ütleb:

    Good morning Reverend:
    I am Vaike Marika Madisson writes, I am priest of the Episcopal Church-Diocese of Honduras, Central America, am the daughter of Arnold Madisson Lüllmann, tenacity Parnu, Estonia, therefore, I have my passport and Estonia, but wanted to know if there was Episcopal Church in Estonia, thank God that I found and would like to write to you, maybe in the future to travel there, now I am also the Diocesan Registrar Honduran Episcopal Church and I am vicariously in a congregation called San Bartolome. I wonder if you speak Spanish. I 80% I can English.
    It would be nice to know that I can go there and meet my congregation for communion anglicana.Espero their news and may God bless us.